Ugly fluorescent light in the background? Fly land on your lead actor’s face? Make up crew ran late for the shoot? You can’t always control your environment but you can, as they say, fix it in post. Final Frame offers a full suite of VFX services to help you polish your images to shine on the big screen, small screen, and everything in between. From replacing a blown out sky to replacing the content on a phone, from motion tracking to rotoscoping, Final Frame has over a decade of experience in creative solutions for fixing issues that no one will ever know existed.


Seeing your film projected in 4K is like seeing it for the first time. And sometimes there’s a lot more there than you expected, like your boom operator smiling back at the camera from a mirror. When your best take is limited by a distraction in the background or a break in continuity, VFX can be a great solution for saving footage that was otherwise unusable.


We don’t all wake up looking like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Charlize Theron, some of us need a little help. The VFX team at Final Frame can help you clean up those blemishes that distract from the focus of your images. Think of it as digital make up.


Need to add a unique touch or a dramatic effect? Want that pristine ARRI Alexa footage to look like VHS? Perhaps a lens flare would liven up those golden hour shots. Spice up those stills with a custom parallax effect and throw in some floating particles. If you have a vision for your footage, the VFX team can make it a reality.